Keep Your Dog Safe With A Fence

If you are looking for a reason to invest in the right portable dog fence then you should check for the various Bonuses that you get with these fences. Unlike fixed fences that can’t be moved from one place to another, a portable fence can be moved wherever you want. The best part about the portable fence is that it is a multipurpose fence that can be fixed both inside as well as outside the house. You don’t need to call in any professionals to install or take out the fence, you can do this independently. This makes it very convenient for you to use one fence to train your dog well.

Unlike most other training equipment that needs you to be present in order to keep a check on what your dog is doing, the fence can work even when you’re not around and your dog will soon understand boundaries and figure out where to go and where no to.

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe is by ensuring that they live in a secured area. When you are not at home you would usually leave your dog in the backyard. However there are a number of gaps in every backyard fence that can be exploited by the dog and they can escape. In such a scenario you would need to secure your backyard with a nice dog fence. There are a number of dog fences that you can rely on. One of the main things that you need to consider is the height of the fence. It should cover up for the height of your dog. You will not have to worry about how easy it is going to be for your dog to jump over the fence if you put a tall enough fence there.

4 Fierce Facts About The Honey Badger

If you have been surfing on the internet for quite a while, you may have seen the honey badger as a meme character. Due to its unique facial appearance, the honey badger makes quite a popular troll character. Honey badgers are quite innocent, but you have heard a lot of substantiated stuff about them and wondered if they are really that. Well, there’s a space of doubt but rest assured, Honey Badgers are mostly innocent. Here are a few fierce facts about the honey badgers that you might want to know.

All about the Honey Badger Naming

Honey Badgers are known as Mellivoracapensis in scientific terms. Honey Badger is commonly known as Honey Badger, and any common people wouldn’t be able to identify them by the scientific apparently. They really do love honey and all other sweet stuff extractable from the nature, hence this naming.

As Dangerous as Skunks

They might appear to be adorable, but be assured – they aren’t all so cute. They have a really stinky gland in their tails that can blow you away just like a Skunk can. Although the ‘feature’ is used so that Honey Badgers can mark their territory, but this provides them extra advantage in battles as well.

Natural Excavators

Their claws are really long and they can dig really fast. Survival requires them to dig ground or tree trunks really fast very often, and if they feel threatened they can dig a hiding hole within seconds and you won’t even know.

Messy in Personal Life

Honey Badgers are quite lazy about housekeeping, so they shall just hit an aardvark’s residence at nightfall. Or maybe fox tunnels or someone else’s residence. As they can adapt to any situation really good, they will just take up the space in someone else’s house and not care about it.


How’s your impression on the Honey Badgers so far?