Getting into wildlife as well as photography? Trail camera should be among your inventory of camera, but remember not to solely rely on it when waiting for the perfect shot. A lot of wildlife photographers state that the trail camera rarely offers the one shot you’ve been waiting for but it does offer different angles which are useful for other things like research. You should own at least one, but not just any random model but the best trail camera on the market.

Browning Strike Force HD Pro

Browning has improved a lot in the design and manufacturing of their trail cameras and now with the Strike Force sub-micro camera it has achieved as well as surpassed all initial expectations. When used for daytime photography, the colors show great improvement, compared to the shots taken from its predecessors. If viewed in full resolution, you may notice minimal pixilation but aside from that, the daytime photos are amazing. On an additional note, yellow and green tints are heavy on daytime photos. As for the night photos, they have great range and the newly added IR emitters has increased the coverage of the flash.

The Strike Force HD’s batter range is efficient, the battery consumption for every video is astoundingly minimal especially if you take into account that the camera only runs on six batteries. Compared to the earlier model, even the case design of Strike Force HD went under a major re-design but it maintains the features that are common across their cameras; compact and easy to conceal. The case itself is durable and solid, there’s even an adjustable back bracket that swivels in an upwards and downward motion; it allows adjustments without needing twigs for shims. A downside is the battery eject which requires some force before it unlatches.