Ever wonder why several individuals undergo rhinoplasty surgery Toronto? Well, aside from its cosmetic benefits – changing the angle, shape, and size and having a better proportion with the entire face – this operation might also fix structural issues with the patient’s nose that results in breathing issues and chronic congestion.

How Does it Works?

The result of this type of surgery depends from one person to another. Depending on what type of improvement the patient desires, the outcome of the surgery might be significant or minor. It is very important that both the surgeon and the patient agree on the surgery’s objectives. The plastic surgeon would likely be capable to provide the patient the outcome he/she desires if the expectations are realistic and the plastic surgeon shares the result.

Keep in mind that the result of the operation is long-lasting.  So, you better choose the best surgeon you could ever find. Also, keep in mind that the appearance of the nose after the surgery could be changed by other factors, such as subsequent injury.

The operation can only be completed on a nose that is fully developed. This means that only females of age 15 or 16 and males of age 17 or 18 can undergo the surgery. If rules aren’t followed and a minor undergoes rhinoplasty, then the constant development of the nose during that age could change the results. It could possibly lead to severe problems.


Just like any surgeries, there are still a lot of risks associated with Rhinoplasty.

Bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes after the surgery is usually normal and it will usually take 14 days before it goes away. Other issues that might happen include bleeding, holes or injury to the septum, skin issues, infection, and severe nose blockage.