The Compound Miter Saw is a special tool that helps in making cuts at various angles. The blades pivot left and right to make cuts that are angled. They also make beveled cuts by tilting in a single direction. By manipulating the saw on its axes, they make a cut. They are most useful to make picture frames and crown molding. Using two different angles, which is possible with compound miter saws is most useful for crown molding.

Popular Models

  • The 7 ΒΌ inch compound mit er saws that are cordless are small in size and have more portability. They are one of the most popular models for their cutting power is very high. The size of stocks that can be cut is less but they are more convenient to make cuts.
  • The compound miter saws that are 10-inch sliding models are easy to maintain. These blades can be easily interchanged. They are less expensive and easy to perform work on.
  • The compound miter saws with12 inch double bevel sliding, have many additional features and are not necessary for home workshops, as they are expensive too.
  • There are other models that come at very economic rates too. They help to make simple cuts using 45 and 90-degree angle cuts

Compound miter saws make cuts at a very fast speed and have to be handled very carefully. By choosing appropriate blades, the compound miter saws can be used for different applications. A compound miter saw that has extra features can perform additional tasks though they come with a high price tag. If the tool is used for hobby work, a simple and compact is sufficient and it can even be according to aesthetics. For commercial work purposes, a better model with additional features as per requirement is necessary.