The circular saw is used to make all types of cuts on wood. Making shelves and cupboards for a house is an easy job by using Dewalt Circular Saw. You can also make deck rails and boards using the Dewalt Circular Saw.

Parts of a Circular Saw

The Circular Saw has very basic features to cut wood.

  • There is an On and Off trigger which is used to start and stop the saw.
  • The Depth Lock Knob helps to set the blade depth. When you loosen the knob, the blade can be easily lowered in depth. The blade should be properly aligned while making the cut. The Guard Lift handle can be used to retract the guard
  • The Bevel Lock Knob helps to adjust the bevel lock knob, to make different types of cuts, at various angles. Just by tightening the knob, the circular saw can be used to make cuts in many angles.
  • The Lock switch is an emergency switch that keeps the saw turned off. Even if the On Trigger is accidentally is switched on, the saw will not move, as it is locked and will protect the user from accidents.

Using the Circular Saw

As the Circular Saw is battery operated, it is provided with a battery that can be recharged and removed. The battery can be recharged from an external power source. The Dewalt Circular Saw makes a smoother cut if there are more teeth on the blade. You can make various cuts at different angles that are smooth and perfect for work. Right-angled bevel cuts are also made using Circular Saws. Following some careful pointers will keep you safe, while making different objects using the Dewalt Circular Saws.