What Spyera Can Offer its Users

Spyera reviews have gone on and on about how useful it is or why you should definitely purchase it. Well, for one thing, before you purchase these kinds of applications make sure that you definitely have a use for it or else you’ll just be wasting hard-earned money; the most practical uses include monitoring your child’s phone usage even when you’re away and checking up on phone that you’ve issued to your employees. At this point, we’re sure you know how much Spyera costs and how simple it is to download. Everything else about Spyera, including the installation and usage, screams user-friendly.

Spyera’s Features

Spyera has a handful of features that included remote stealth camera and live image capture, call recording and live call listening and ambient recording and live surrounding listening. These features are made possible with the help of a secret command that’s sent from the targeted phone to the one that you assigned on the online panel. After successfully sending your command, the targeted phone will begin to record all the calls and even activate the phone’s camera so you can see the surrounding environment. One of the biggest advantages in all this is that you’ll be sent alerts; whenever calls are received or made on the targeted phone then you’ll be alerted and it’s up to you if you want to listen to the conversation live.

Other favorite features include the IM chats and social media spy. Basically, the user can monitor all social media activities on the targeted phone and nothing will escape your watchful eye. There’s also a feature called the password cracker or password grabber that records all the password entered on the targeted phone. Regardless if the user incidentally changed their password on any account, Spyera will still be able to successfully record it.