SWAT Wildlife for Humane Bat Removal, Toronto

SWAT or, in our case, Specialized Wildlife Apprehension Technicians is well experienced with the entire process involving animal removal, pest control as well as prevention. The company’s main goal is to assist all their clients situated on the Greater Toronto Area when it comes to dealing with damages and problems caused by wildlife. All their solutions involve humane approached in dealing with the problem and they also offer preventive services. People needing bat removal, Toronto should definitely contact SWAT.

Humane Bat Removal and Control Services

The most common out of all the breed of bats that tend to nest in structures is the little brown bat. Not only are little brown bats known for their ability to creep into tiny spaces, but they’re also famous for the huge colonies that they travel in. With the help of effective humane bat removal methods, their technicians are able to seek out every possible entry point and seal them along the way to prevent possible intrusions in the future. A meager colony of little brown bats may not cause considerable damage to your home, business or property. But deal with the colony as soon as you can before they can grow in size; a colony that continues to grow by the day can definitely cause damage.

Don’t let their size fool you, because these little brown bats can produce an awful lot of feces; these are called ‘guano’ from bats. As the guano slowly accumulates in the structure, usually the attic, it can cause a foul smell that can easily spread to every room in the house. Apart from that, bat guano has a possibility of carrying dangerous form of fungus known as histoplasmacapsulatam. Of course bats also have rabies, which can be lethal in some cases so it’s better to leave everything to the experts.