Pros and Cons of the Rheem RTEX 13

Basically, the Rheem RTE is the go-to tankless water heater in the market; reading up on a couple of tankless water heater reviews will show you how much the users love it. The RTEX-13 is the new and updated version so it’s far better than its predecessors. Although it hasn’t been in the market for that long, it has slowly built up a positive reputation thanks to the quality and features that it offers. A one-shower household is the ideal setup for the RTEX-13 or maybe a household with two showers are long as they contain a 1.5 GPM low flow.


For the RTEX-13, the most obvious advantage would be the price which is incredibly considerable. Compared to many tankless water heaters, the RTEX-13 is compact on size so that’s quite an appeal for homeowners with limited space. Because of the fact that the RTEX-13 is an electric heater, the overall installation costs less. The maximum flow rate would be about 4 gallons per minute, which is remarkable especially for its price range. At this flow rate, you can easily take a shower even with someone washing their hand in a different room.


Having a small unit will have its downside, one of which is the lack in power. If you don’t have low flow showerheads, than two showers being used at the same time is clearly out of the questions. Also, since the maximum flow rate is 4 GPM, don’t expect the usage of dual 2.0 GPM at a single time. Potential customers that have bigger households might not be satisfied with the RTEX-13. It’s only recommended for apartments and single bathrooms. But if you insist and you have a large household, with more than three people, then it would be better to add another tankless unit.