How to Get Visa for Vietnam from US?

If you are a foreigner, you are going to need a Vietnam visa for traveling to Vietnam. Even if you are from the United States, you are still going to need a Vietnam Visa. As the internet communication is widespread these days, the process of getting Vietnam visa has become easy. You can either apply for the visa online or at the arrival of the airport. This is ideal for the people who are traveling by air. Getting a visa for Vietnam from US is a simple process. Let’s have a look at the easiest way of getting the visa which is the arrival at the Vietnam airport visa.

The Application Procedure

Vietnam visa on arrival may not seem to be an online procedure, but it actually is. You have to apply for the visa application and wait for the approval from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is fill the visa application form and make an online payment for the service fee. After this, you will receive the approval letter for the visa in your email. This letter will be recognized by Vietnam Immigration Department. All this will happen in a matter of a few days.

Service Fee and Stamping Fee

In case you are wondering what the visa fee would be, then you must know that the visa fees are of two types i.e. service fee and stamping fee. The service fee is the cost which you must pay online when you submit the visa application form. The standard cost of the visa for one-month single entry is $12 if you pay online. The fee may increase if multiple entries are involved. The stamping fee, on the other hand, is what you directly pay to the immigration outlet located at the Vietnam international airport as you arrive. The standard fee for one-month single entry is $25. Again, the fee might vary depending on the number of entries.