Binary Fission The Asexual Reproduction Method

Science is full of miracles as it gives you information about your magical surroundings, biology is considered as the most preferred yet difficult stream in science due to the presence of earth, animals, bacteria and their knowledge. In order to better help you to learn biology and its concept in a better way, we will try to simplify the magical concept of Binary Fission and will try to answer exactly what is binary fission.

In case you are facing difficulty to learn the concept better start with the word binary, in plain English, the word means two, and the word fission stands for the divide. Binary Fission in a better way can be understood as a process that involves the single parent body into two exact halves, see the definition becomes easy as we divided words and tried to get the meanings of English words associated with it.

How fast Bacteria can reproduce using Binary Fission

Bacteria can reproduce exponentially, the amount of reproduction is doubled with one bacterium becomes the two and the multiplication goes on in multiples of two. One becomes two, then the two becomes four and the count multiplies till the process continues. Bacteria population can be double in forty to twenty minutes through binary Fission method, as per the present knowledge millions of bacteria can be formed in just little as few hours time period.

Modes of divide different as per Bacteria’s type

The mode of the divide can be different for different bacteria as often they can be classified into types such as longitudinal or transverse. The mode of the divide totally depends on the cell separation. Regular modes of transverse are part of tapeworms and scyphistoma polyps which are most commonly referred as strobilation.

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