How Does The Star Citizen Code Randomizer Work?

Players of Star Citizen are pretty much familiar with all the incentives associated with being able to successfully recruit new players into the game, with these people being able to purchase the actual game. Having said that, each new recruit who has been recruited through the clicking of the unique referral code for current players would mean 1 RP, or recruitment point for that player. To get more points, people would want more of these codes and they use a star citizen referral code randomizer in order for them to do so.

Helps Referral Code Spam

            One of the ways in which these randomizers work is that they allow referral code spam to take place. By spam, this means that new codes could be randomized every 5 minutes or so, and thus would allow you to share more of these unique codes to more people.

Randomizers have improved

            The site which is arguably one of the best for this particular purpose would most definitely have to be It has had a lot of improvements through the years especially on the part of the end user. These improvements include having randomization take place for every page load, having Forms-B eliminated, as well as a submission validation, to make sure that the referral code is in the correct format, and would thus be accepted. Should a code be deemed invalid, some reformatting would be done.

More manifestations of this improvement would be easier renewal, which means that you could submit code renewals as many times as you like. Moreover, the place is now a website, and all the necessary transactions take place in a single webpage, unlike before when you would have to split yourself among a post on reddit, a spreadsheet, and a submission form.