Traveling by bus from Ipoh to Melaka

Melaka is among the leading tourist destinations throughout the world. The city offers tourists with the best opportunity to enjoy historical information regarding colonialists such as the British, Dutch as well as the Portuguese. The city was identified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008. The best means of traveling from Ipoh to Melaka is by bus.

Wonderful bus companies

If you are in Ipoh and plan to travel by bus to Melaka, don’t worry because there are numerous bus companies offering splendid travel services. Particularly, there are seven bus companies readily offering trips from Ipoh to Melaka. These companies ensure that your journey from Ipoh to Melaka is the best by working with qualified and experienced drivers. Additionally, their tickets are very affordable ranging from SGD11 to SGD15.

Direct and indirect travel

Interestingly, it is possible to travel by bus to Melaka from Ipoh directly depending on your travel purpose. Traveling directly takes three to five hours. This is greatly dependent on traffic. However, there are few buses that commute directly between the two cities. On the other hand, most buses ply indirectly via Kuala Lumpur to present passengers with more viewing opportunities.

Bus terminal

If you are new to Ipoh and are wondering how to get a bus to take you to Melaka, don’t worry because it’s very easy. All you need to do is locate Ipoh Amanjaya bus terminal. This is the leading bus terminal found in Ipoh. Actually, all buses plying between Ipoh and Melaka start their journey at this hub.

Drop off points

Once you travel by bus to Melaka from Ipoh, you will end your journey at any of the following destinations. The main drop off points includes Alor Gajah and Melaka Sentral. So, you will either be dropped off at one of these points.

Bottom Line

Traveling from Ipoh to Melaka is majorly by bus. You can either travel directly from Ipoh to Melaka or indirectly through Kuala Lumpur. It all depends on what is the purpose of your travel. Well, important information regarding travel by bus to Melaka from Ipoh is as shared in the article.