Summary Of Pretty Little Liars

Are you still wondering which show to watch? If you like a little mystery, murder, thrill, gossip and romance; and if you’re all about girl team and standing up for each other then there is no other show better than Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars is a TV show, a series which has all its viewers gripped till the end. You will get the לצפייה ישירה link here on our website. There is nothing better than watching your favorite shows back to back when you’ve got a bucket of popcorn and drinks awaiting.

Here is a summary of Pretty Little Liars

It’s a show that tests the limits to which friendship of four girls can last. They have their hidden secrets, and a fare share of it. The four friends will have to now stand up against an enemy who does not reveal their identity but threatens the besties to reveal their past information to the world, which is pretty dark on its own and may change the way the world views these lovely girls.

But there is a catch. These girls started out as 5 friends and not 4. One of their best friends was murdered. The anonymous enemy of the best friends also reveals clues and information to these friends about the murder as they start to get close to saving themselves from the tactics of this person who has made a decision to defame these girls.

This story is based on the lives of 4 best friends, who had confided their secrets in their group leader, Alison. They studied together in Rosewood High, a school situated in Pennsylvania. Their lives turn sour when they all get a text message from an unknown number who refers to themselves as A. And this A person has made a string decision to ruin their perfect lives, their families, their friendships and of course their future. Will the friends make it through without getting lost? Watch to find out!