Steps To Create An RSPS Server

A lot of people dream to be famous by creating the best RSPS and some of them create RSPS server which gets a place in the list of Top 100 RSPS. If you are also willing to create an RSPS server and you don’t know how to go about it then you should read this article. You may end up creating one of the Top 100 RSPS servers.

  • The first step is to create an RSPS is to download and install the Java. You would need Java Runtime Environment package for the same and in addition to this, you also need to install Java Development kit to start with the development of RSPS.

  • The next step is to download all the Runescape Private Server Files and there are basically two sides of these files. One of them is client side and the other one is server side. The server side files have more complicated structure. If you know how to program a server then you can proceed with the same or else you may choose a pre-programmed client and server source
  • The next step of the process involves hosting the Runescape private server. You can host the RSPS on your computer or you can even rent a virtual server for the same. If you choose to host it on your computer then you would have to keep your computer on at all times but practically, it is better to rent a virtual server.

  • After meeting all the requirement, you need to run your server and then your RSPS will be online. Players can join the server to play the game and hence the hosting is complete.
  • You should resort to some type of advertising as this would help you in getting more and more players on the server and you can do the advertising on Facebook and other popular gaming forums and communities.

Your RSPS is now ready and well we hope to see it on the list of top 100 RSPS