Read First Before Playing Pokemon Platinum Rom

Before you start playing with Pokemon Platinum ROM, it would be best to read this first and know how awesome that game is! Have lots of cool features, and basically experience a whole new level which is totally different from the official standard game! It’s all about fascinating Pokemon gaming, and you can play it on your Nintendo DS, PC or Gameboy Advance.

Know More About Pokemon Platinum ROM

The Pokemon Platinum ROM is an enhanced version of Pokemon Platinum, and is packed with lots of awesome features you cannot have in the official standard game. It comes in a zip file that you can download from, and contains the ROM file and an emulator for you to run the game.

What sets this variation to its official standard counterpart is the cool features included in it. It has an enhanced graphical interface which makes characters look amazing, and the world of ZHERY is also fabulously designed. Additionally, trainers that you can find only in this game are also present, together with unique Pokemons you cannot encounter from other Pokemon games.

Another good thing about this variation is the highlights of character development and advancement, instead of mere collecting of items in the gaming world. This makes the game more exciting to play, and you can avoid getting bored upon your stay.

Finally, you can also play the game in a team of 20 players, and you can explore the world of ZHERY altogether. This would be perfect for beginners, as players can help each other to improve in the game.

Go to, and download Pokemon Platinum ROM for your device! Run it up right away, and enjoy Pokemon gaming in a different way you would surely love. With Pokemon Platinum ROM, a highly exciting gaming experience is waiting for you.