Know Who are the Richest Celebrities 2016-2017

If you wanted to know more about this year’s richest celebrities, could probably help you up. Not just about actors and actresses, the site also offers info about other Hollywood celebs you probably know. Know about their assets, properties and net worth, and have some ideas about how did they gained such big wealth.

Information about the Richest Celebrities of 2016-2017

There’s a long list of wealthy celebs in Hollywood, and you’d probably want to know more about them. In, you can have more information about them, and you can even have an idea of their net worth.

For instance, you can read about multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires that have gained their wealth depending on which field they are in. Larry Page, the known co-founder of Google, is included in the list with his estimated $39,500,000,000 net worth. Being a co-founder of the famous search engine and developer of its page ranks, it’s no doubt how Larry made such huge amount of wealth.

Another notable celebrity included in the list is Ted Turner and his $2,000,000 net worth. Being the founder of CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT and TBS, he has gained his wealth through his media careers and restaurant chains. Additionally, Ted is also known with his charitable and philanthropic works, thus gaining him the image as one of the most generous donators in USA.

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