A Comparison Between Whatsapp And Kik Messenger

There are plenty of social media messenger apps available online to choose; in the same regards we will try to compare Whatsapp with the Kik Messenger App. Whatsapp on one hand stands as the top pick for messaging and other needs of social media platform, while the other Kik Friends App or the Kik App is emerging as the new social media giant in the field.

Whatsapp VS Kik Messenger

  • Whatsapp policy of usage requires the user to be 16+ in age as policy on the other hand Kik Messenger following the more adequate sense of responsibility includes 17+ as initial age to use the app.
  • Using Whatsapp a user needs to verify number and start using the app on the go, while theKik Friends requires the user to save their username and use it as the medium to search or chat with friends.
  • Users can share information as location and contacts with Whatsapp, on the other hand the Kik Messenger App offers set of benefits that includes different username for Kik, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.
  • Kik allows the customers to ignore and block the unwanted contacts and new contacts that are not known to the user, hence the security feature is somehow same in both the apps.
  • Whatsapp works on the criteria of knowing the contact number of the person while the Kik Messenger or Kik Friends app works with the username information.

  • If we try to discuss the popularity amongst the both Whatsapp is more popular than the Kik Messenger and the counterpart is yet to find success globally.

So these are the main line of comparison between the Whatsapp and Kik Messenger, you can choose the better amongst the both.

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