Key Facts Related To Insulated Piercing Connectors

There are many things those play an important role in electrical wiring of home and I.P.C. is the most important from them. I.P.C stands for insulated piercing connector and it is a cable joiner. The installation of insulated piercing connector is done by taking proper guidance from an electrician. The use of this specific electrical device in order to establish a connection eliminates the work of peeling the wires. On the other hand, you should place this device on the main power line wire.

Basic knowledge about I.P.C

The teeth area of the I.P.C is placed on the wire and this area is formed by using pure aluminium or copper. This area is completely protected from the water and other damaging factors by using the different type of the materials in its production. You can use socket wrench in order to tight the screws of the insulated piercing connectors. This electrical device always performs its work for a long time and you no need to replace it after some time. This device is made for facing all the variations and type of the weathers. The insulated piercing connectors do not stop performing work in any type of favourable or unfavourable conditions. Bolts are the base of this electrical device and made of stainless steel.

These bolts are important in its structure, so Production Company uses best quality bolts in its production. These bolts are manufactured by using anti-rusting technology and this makes I.P.C long life work performer. Before launching or arriving this product in the market in order to sell, insulated piercing connector pass from some tests. This device is tested at high temperature and this temperature reaches to the 125°C during the test. The company also check the performance of insulated piercing connector in water.

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